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Metal Babe Mayhem and Los Angeles Poet Society present the
2nd Annual Women's Month Poetry Contest!

This year, we asked for your poems about women in music!

2 winners were chosen to win $25 cash and publication in LAPS' Poet Pages, and on!

Congratulations to Joy Rosenberg, author of Let Earth Receive Her Queen, and Angela Rose Flores,  author of Rock 'n Roll Grandma,
for their winning poems!

Click above to read their poems!


Honorable Mention to Poets: Jai Allen, Teresa Espinoza, Alexandra Hohmann

Thank you to our judges: Rosie Alonso, Juan Cardenas, Michelle Nugent, & Jessica M. Wilson


Many thanks to all of our participants! It was so much fun for us to read all of your poems! Keep writing on and celebrate women everyday!

Please enjoy the poetry of our Poet contestants!
Honorable Mention
G isn't for Groupie
by Teresa Espinoza


G isn’t for Groupie.

G is for girls.

G is for guitar and gear.

G is for girls who play guitar and rock just as hard as any guy.

G is for greatness that isn’t measured by gender.

G is for the greater good that can come through music.

G is a musical note.

So please, don’t think that girls are just groupies, we can rock and roll just like you.

G isn’t for groupie.

SoCal Sister
(Gwen Stefani)
by Alexandra Hohmann


You sang about being just a girl, then an ex-girlfriend

I was only the former

You wore skater dresses, a bindi, pink hair

I styled my crooked bangs with skinned knees

You laughed too hard at silly things,

an Orange County girl amongst male band mates

I was a tomboy, too


You were the older sister I never had,

the one to unintentionally create a “look”

and make it appear effortless

You delivered your advice

in trademark quavery vocal style,

backed by SKA tempos and electric guitars

Each new album coincided with a new beginning in my life,

marking a maturity milestone


Your band was the stepping stone to a solo career

I too am at a stage of self-discovery,

your words pounding in my headphones,

What you waiting for?

2nd Annual Women's Month Poety Contest
Poetry celebrating Women in Music!
The Black Princess Plays
by Ruth Christopher


She lifted her violin to her shoulder
The light of fiery passion burning in her eyes
Raised her sword to face the battlefront--
The world melted away
Lost its callousness and cruelty for a moment
Eternity kissing the earth in 4/4 time--
And I saw all of it--
The years of toil and struggle
Half-crazed dedication
Loves won and lost
Vacuous terror and loneliness
The greatest joys a woman could know--
All of that didn't matter but every detail became significant
Down to the cut of her Italian jacket allowing her arms to dance--
Because every moment, every happiness, every pain
Knit together and the universe contrived
That your soft footed stride
Bring you in front of me outside
With a violin on your shoulder
And your eyes closed tight
Singing the immensity of all in a moment of time

At the Bowl
(Florence Welch)
by Alexandra Hohmann


You wrestle with your two selves

under the Hollywood sign

thousands of eyes

bear witness to your gypsy dance

in Mick Jagger inspired wardrobe

From your bare feet to your expressive hands,

from your untidy hair to your intense expressions,

you shake it out and raise it up,

an offering in song

You become a revival preacher,

overcome by the Machine:

tearing off your blouse,

running across the stage,

a streak of red energy,

a pinging, pulsating light,

your voice an ethereal web

caught in a storm of horns and harp strings

as the outro crescendos.

Carpenter of Love
by Radomir Vojtech Luza


Knocking down door

Of hardware store


With fists of bleach


Begging acne

In spite of Knute Rockne


Like actor

Afraid of laughter


Ribald rose

Without a stitch of clothes


Dawn a squeaking gate

Dusk a rusty grate


Jingles before Jesus


Touching petals

With palms of Peter


Jack hammering Judas

With drums of Atlantis


Murdered by Bulimia

With knots of Anorexia


Rainbow Kaleidascope

In sky of tangled rope


Memorizing ten

By walking nine

For Myrna
by Ruth Starr


Red fingernails skillfully make

chords on her worn guitar

Squinty eyes invite me

We enfold each other with


Tapping feet in tandem for

twenty-five years

Hands now lay quietly

On a hospital bed

Bald head on a sagging pillow

Skeletal body in my arms

Softly, “is it o.k.?”

“Yes, it will be good

I’ll find you again."

by Lynn White


Every time

we listen,

a little piece

of her heart

cries out.

Down by the Water
for PJ Harvey
by Sarah Lilius


You cannot handle

this pure wetness.

Howling brunettes,

a cultural favorite.


I research loveliness

in cold rooms.

Like a daughter, you ask for justice

and candy in a bathtub of warmth.


A perfect day, PJ, your face across

this window, stark with sun,

cracked open with possibility,

strewn with gentle rags.


Black mascara runs for the night,

she’s shaved in the wrong places.

He’s tied up like a liar, rope around

like he’s the victim.


Man size—I think

you’re a heroine

slipping across our tonsils,

shaking fast against the 90s.


My friends (those twats)

didn’t understand,

in the car, the house,

I turned it up.


Now, I find you,

walking on wind, like Catherine

lying to herself,

dreaming of heights.


My 50 ft. Queenie,

I always got it, music, music, different color,

different sound.

Is this desire?


by Jai Allen


Your Love is like music

the song … the dance ... the beat

Like music

You touch

forgotten smiles

trace tracks

of hidden tears

that stain

my mask

of strength

You see …

I've become

too sophisticated

to cry

Your love moves

through me like music

the sacred fusion

of resonant notes

life wrote

throbbing vibration

full spectrum


surround sound

enfolds me

composing a piece

I can play

any way

I want


You strike chords

that unleash

my sorrow

my joy

even my rage

You open me up …

see right through me

touch secrets

I have no desire to hide

I trust only you

You have

set me



Like music

you stir fry

marinated melodies

with magical lyrics

rhyming emotions

I didn’t know I had


Like music

you are my

vertical reality

I journey

with you

to places

that exist

only in dreams

Hold my faith

close and still

as I sing a transcendent medley

of the greatest Love songs

of all time and space

while I ride the wave

of your Light energy

and disappear within


We drum

while Rome burns

We love

while the world makes war

We whirl as the Dervish

never touching the ground

We make music

of deep silence

of single episodes

that tried to last forever

We may not have

the gentle strum

of an acoustic guitar

or the Eastern touch

of a delicate sitar

but we do have the beat

that transcends who we think we are

We don't have it classical

We don't even have it like jazz

but we've got it like Nyabinghi drums

the kind that penetrates the ego

and alters the rhythm

of our heartbeat

the kind that makes us

gasp for breath

and clutch our chest

to keep it all in place

Vibrational healing drums

that move

from the root of sensation

to the core of creation

The kind that crouches

in fetal position

shedding pure as a newborn's

morning rain drop tears

Hot as the Shaman’s fire

Turbulent as the winds of desire

Deep as the waters of the tears

of the broken hearted

Flowing in the rivers of the Ultimate baptism

Pure as the flowing robes of the mystics

Playful and mischievous as the Loa

Throbbing in our earth center

as the Essence of the Ultimate I Am

We pluck the strings

of fragile places

we hide from the world

We've got it real

and raw

like Nyabinghi drums

wild and alive

like memories

of forgotten rain forests

that still live

in the ethers

of their destruction

We write our names

on the wind

play love songs

for the birds

to sing

to tomorrow

as we dissolve

into Oneness

weaving our souls together

with threads of golden Light

from pious realms


This is what real Love is made of

It lends life to stone

moves through the emptiness

of a weary world

filling its void with Light

I Am made to come to life

to love

to feel

to remember

to forget

as The Beloved



my soul.

La Reina Selena
by Teresa Espinoza


To many you were a queen, to me you were inspiration.

To be Mexican, American, we had to be both.

You moved your hips like a washing machine, you made our hearts go bidi bidi bom bom.

You made me want to be a performer, you made me want to fall in love…

Your lips red as rubies, your outfits ahead of their time, I wonder if you ever thought you’d impact so many after all this time?

You lived a fast paced life, one too short but you influenced so many, even to this day we mourn.

If I could have met you today, I’d say thank you so much, you made me believe I could follow my dreams, live and love. I think of you when I look to the stars above, earth may have lost a super star, La Reina Selena but Heaven gained an angel. So, I’ll be dreaming of you tonight forever being thankful for your talent and grace, rest well Selena Quintanilla Perez.

Dusty Road to Stardom
by Gayle Upshaw


She was a quiet young girl, with a lot on her mind,

Living in a dusty, dirty backwards southern town

Bright eyes, and a heart filled with love (secretly hiding a voice blessed from above)


One day away from the meanness at home a meeting headed her towards stardom’s throne

She met who she thought was her way out, her savior, a rescuer a real live boy scout

Slick, clean, dressed to kill, and women hanging off of him, eager to do his will


But she’s the one who caught his eye, can you really sing he ask…let’s give it a try

He said, you’re no joke…body and moves like he’d never seen

Yes… Together they’d make music, a family, he had plans she’d be his queen


But he was not all that he appeared to be…most times he was cruel, evil and mean

Not what she wanted her life to be, she’d make plans to leave, see what she could see

Through the hassle and the fights, she got out …made a super way for her new life


Singing and strengthening her show, even with her background it was sometimes slow

But the girls burst out on the scene, clean, strong and lean

Singing and dancing like no one ever saw before

Opening up a whole other door

Black beauties…they were fierce…their music in a white world

Rock was hers now…her and her girls

They said she looked familiar, (Huh) we all knew who she was…We loved her cause

She was Anna Mae Bullock ...from the wrong side of town

Now she’s Tina Turner……. world renowned…

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