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LAPS Member Spotlight

We are so honored to be the creative home of many talented Poets and Artists all across LA! We do our best to highlight all the great work they are doing. Here is where you can learn more about our members and opportunities to meet, network, and collaborate!

Check each month for a new LAPS Member Spotlight, interviewed by LAPS' Photojournalist, Romero Maybed.

Jessica M. Wilson

"Losing your job, is not losing

your self."

An Interview with Jessica M. Wilson,
LAPS' Founder and LA Poet

Interviewed by Romero Maybed

I had a great time getting to know Jessica.

As we sat down and drank coffee, we chatted and I got to know more about her.

She told me about what poetry means to her, and we talked more about the "Los Angeles Poet Society”; a community organization she founded in 2009. We also talked about where the inspiration comes from and how it reflects on her poetry, as well as her strongest creation (poem), and why. She even told us cute, random facts about herself.

I had the chance to really get the Jessica experience.

What do I mean by that?

I had the chance to see, feel, and understand her words.


She is a woman of power.

She is a woman of truth.

A woman of the people.



What do you say we get to know Jessica?




Jessica M. Wilson is a Poet, Writer, Artist and Educator, who has chosen to live the Poet and Writer life. She likes animals, helping people and nature. She calls herself a “Nature Girl”.



Los Angeles Poet Society


The Los Angeles Poet Society is a Community Organization for all kinds of Artists fiscally sponsored by Beyond Baroque Literary Art Center. The idea of the organization is to create a literary network as a resource to bring writers together, along with promoting their art. LAPS offers a bridge to the world of literary arts, giving poets and artists an opportunity to shine in LAPS’ monthly Spotlight Page every month, along with poetry contests a few times a year.

Stay Tuned!





Her inspiration rises from mother nature, “The Natural World”, along with life experiences. “As the observer, the eyes, of what is happening in the world - using the skill of writing to translate the stories into lessons. To learn from what is happening to others. Seeing the patters in different dynamics and writing about it. Revealing the truth, because poets can also be truth tellers.



Inspiration meets Poetry


Everyone experiences different seasons through the year just like nature, where we write about love, fears, maybe erotica, or whatever it is that is sizzling your mind at the moment. The world is in pain. The world and the community is being stunted because people are being so intolerant, out of date, expected to work 40 hours.” She believes people shouldn’t conform with what society expects of them. Jessica wants people to think and see their truth. “What is it that makes them be alive? Why do you breathe? Is it to pay a bill? Poets are truth tellers that’s our job, I feel.



There is poem in Jessica’s book Serious Longing, the poem is entitled, Being Human. This is the poem she is most proud of because she believes it is a strong poem. It reads about the “defeats and triumphs as a citizen of this society," about a common citizen that works to pay bills. This poem reads about liberation from work; “it’s not that I don’t value work or because I think I am above having to work. My work should have to attribute for my reason for living. Work is putting effort into something that is going to bring me joy.” Jessica has decided to live the writer’s life, so this poem Being Human resonates the transition from making someone rich, to being an independent artist. “When you lose money, material or wealth, a person goes through a transition of value. Thinking am I no good because I cannot afford to keep my apartment... Do I deserve to even have a pet because I can’t provide my pet with a better life? All these things come to play and that comes out in Being Human, and I brought it down to the core, if we were removed from all these societal expectations and materials, we become human. The human animal, homo sapiens, mammals in our natural state; did all of that matter? Were we born with money in our pockets? There are many people who end their life because of money. Is it worth it? Being Human tells that story, and I hope the poem liberates them.

“Losing your job, is not losing yourself” -Jessica M. Wilson 


Flowing Inspiration

Poems come to me, as fast as being in the ocean; there comes that ebb and flow of water that rushes and then pushes back out. It’s a whole stream of consciousness that rolls like a wave and it rolls out like pssshhshsh, and then I close it, and that’s it.


Preferito Poetry

1950’s - the Beat Generation; their lifestyle filled with so much passion in the art. “Beat is being beat down but rising through the pain because you have to be that artist, you have to be that writer, you have to tell your story; there is no other life for you. There is no other want for you and you just keep doing it. It’s like crossing through barbed wire, you know there is a tunnel, but you are going to go through that barbed wire and scrape the sh*t out of your body, but you’re going to come out any way. That’s beat! That is being beat! Those are the poets I admire because they have fire, they have will and determination. People with fire under their feet, truth behind their words.



Jessica likes to…

Like myself, Jessica likes to shake what her momma gave her. Haha.

She loves to karaoke and claims to sing a killer Welcome to the Jungle.

Anybody up for a challenge?

She has been in love with Keanu Reeves since she was 10, and she got to meet him!

Halloween season is one of her favorite times of the year.



Jessica’s definition of poetry; “poetry is creative expression. It’s life, baby! It’s my pulse, my blood.” She talks about poetry in such a way, that she becomes the poem. She speaks in poetry, lives in poetry, everything is poetry.


The Goodbye


Getting to know Jessica was such a great experience.

 The way she expresses herself is nothing but the realest.

She stands by her truth - tall and proud and that is something I admire.

She follows the heart.

That there, is a dedicated artist - who has started a revolution of poets.

Jessica M. Wilson is Beat.

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