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Promoting rapid sheltering of unsheltered & unprotected women.


As I arose and felt the dewy air

a breath I took and felt no despair

As I had for sure known

that I have grown Into a life so blessed

and as I rose somewhere she dozed

The cold bites her skin a million stings

from the morning breeze

three layers fold cannot hold the warmth she desires within

Ready for the day a toothbrush a paste

all the gel and hairspray a hint of perfume to sway

does it matter anyway

She leans up and grabs her towel

the one she uses yesterday

It sort of smells foul

"It’s great though", she says

wraps her neck and crawls

My car it’s used yet it gets me where I want to go

my window open, curls are flying

work is next I still need some rest

A hole is in there she could definitely swear

as her belly aches

she would love to take any piece of old cake

So she waits for Starbucks waste

half a lemon cake in a crumbly brown bag

a green mermaid Siren of the sea can’t you see

As I drive thru I think about a sandwich

and a drink a latte or a frappe or maybe a Cafe au Lait

She moves out of the way

as I pass her I say, "Are you hungry my dear?"

but she looks at me with fear

In my rear view mirror a tattered soul glances back

shoes so dirty face is black

Beneath that I see what could have been me

If someone took my soul

My body worn

my esteem no longer gold

I sip my five dollar drink

my mind races and thinks why can’t she live more like me?

Why can’t she love life and see? What’s needed for her?

She stays quiet at night

She begins shaking in fright I turn off all of my lights

and not a souls is in sight

My pillow soft and so clean

I lay face up and I scream because I then realize

that those scenes are all lies

I am that girl on the street... my nice life is a dream.

I don’t live in a home with a car and a loan

No longer do I feel loved

I cover my hands in some old gloves

The towel wrapped nice and snug

all I really want is a hug

I am you; can’t you see?

(c)2019 Estela Victoria-Cordero

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