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Every 1st Monday of the month, Los Angeles Poet Society features on Kill Radio's FULL SPECTRUM. 


We are honored to present our members and enjoy watching them shine and rock the studio with their creativity!

FULL SPECTRUM is hosted every Monday night
by DJ Satori Moksha (Johnny Morrison) and Dean Stinson.
Airing LIVE from 10pm - midnight on  TUNE IN!

Our Past Shows

Sayed Sabrina
Editions du Cygne, from Paris!
DJ Satori Moksha reads Matt Sedillo
Live performance from Sayed Sabrina
Lovely Sayed Sabrina
James Berkowitz reads from EAP
James Berkowitz
Victor Sotomayor, Alejandro Molina
Juan Cardenas
Vince White
Idiot Savant
Books from our Collective
Christian Geo
Guest Group Picture
Patrice on Air
Native Love
Matt Gottesman
Brown Suga
Group Photo - October 2015
Rebecca Gonzales
James Maverick
Group picture - October 2015
KillRadio Control Panel
Dean Stinson
Happy Poets and Publishers
Nelson Alburquenque
Alejandro and Jessica
Turntable Turn...
Iris De Anda

Many thanks to our guests:

  • Adam Francis Corford

  • Alejandro Molina

  • Anna Urena

  • Carmen Vega

  • Christian Geo

  • Idiot Savat: Scott Nichols and Mars Klif

  • Iris De Anda

  • James Berkowitz

  • James Maverick

  • Jessica M. Wilson

  • John Martinez

  • Klee Benally (by way of CD)

  • Michael C. Ford

  • Milena Oda Laska

  • Nelly Roushadi

  • Patrice Konazsai

  • Pogo Saito

  • Rebecca Gonzales

  • Rob Morrow

  • Ryan Laney

  • Sandra Mendez Rosenbaum

  • Sayed Sabrina and Vince White

  • Seven Dhar

  • Severa Miles Jr.

  • Teesh Brown Suga

  • The Blue Magic Church: Jay, Juan

  • Tikal Sun: Nelson Alburquenque, Billy Dragon, Matt Gottesman, Juan Cardenas

  • Victor Sotomayor

  • Willis the Poet










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