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Get ready for Tone Beat Open Mic! Our newest addition to the LA Poet Society family.

November marks another year for LA Poet Society's service to Los Angeles county and beyond! 14 years of community building, and providing access to literary arts, visibility to literary artists, and inclusivity of all our literary events across various platforms!

We cordially invite you to join us for the launch of Tone Beat Open Mic, Monday, November 6, from 7-9pm PST. Address: 3226 S. Hill St. Los Angeles, CA 90007

This launch will feature Authors from Tia Chucha Press, including Rafa Cruz, a Poet and Photographer, contributing to the Coiled Serpent (a Los Angeles based anthology of place), and also reknown award-winning Translator and Poet, Miguel Rivera, who translated In the Courtyard of the Moon, from the Mayan, written by Humberto Ak'abal, into Spanish and English!

Miguel Rivera

Miguel Rivera, Musician, Mentor, Translator, Teacher, Supervising Sound

Editor for Film and TV; Mentor and retreat leader for at risk youth, veterans,

first responders and civilians and poetry translator. He has 4 bilingual

collections of the Guatemalan Maya K’iche’ poet Humberto Ak’abal published:

“Poems I brought down from the mountain” Ally Press,U.S. 2001, “Tejiendo las

huellas” Uruguay 2006, “El animalero” Guatemala 2008, “In the courtyard of

the moon” Tia Chucha Press, U.S. 2021

Member of the core group of teachers at & The great Mother Conference since 2010.

Founding Member, "Western Gate Roots and Wings Foundation" an organization dedicated to bring back rites of passage to youth, integrating

different aspects of the culture through art and Earth based rituals.

Current board member of "Shade Tree", a mentoring group in Los Ángeles.

Member of the "Guild of Future Architects". An organization dedicated to

collaboratively shaping a kind, just, inclusive and prosperous world.

Member, Board of Advisors of "Wolf Connection" An organization

dedicated to re establishing neglected relationships between nature and


Former Member, Board of Directors of "Soldier's Heart"; an organization

dedicated to working with Veterans. 2013-2015.

Tone Beat Open Mic is a venue space Hosted by Juan Cardenas aka Juan Flautista, Associate Director of the LA Poet Society, and award-winning Author of The Beat of an Immigrant Chicano.

All genres are welcome to our mic! We'd love to hear from singers, poets, storytellers, comedians, bands, and more!

All performers have 5-7 minutes at the mic.

LA Poet Society events are a safe space for all people. We have zero tolerance for hate speech. Anyone emitting hate rhetoric or behaviors will be asked to leave.

We acknowledge all our Indigenous relatives and caretakers of Mother Earth, especially, the Tongva, whos land we currently reside.

If you want to participate at our open mic, please show up, or email to let us know of your interest:

We are curretly seeking Volunteers to assist with the following:

  • Blog writing

  • Book Reviews

  • LA literary interviews and engagements

  • Street Team for LA Poet Society

  • Video Editing and Archiving

  • Assist in Event Coordinating

If you are interested, please email


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