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Los Angeles Poet Society at Women's March LA!

January 19, 2019

The Los Angeles Poet Society, (LAPS), had a table for Social Justice Art at the 3rd annual Women's March LA. Our tent was set up at 1st and Broadway, in front of Grand Park, in downtown Los Angeles. There was an amazing team that helped facilitate arts expression with the community, and featuring community art.

The team of artists and volunteers from the LAPS, were Poets Estella Ramirez, Jessica M. Wilson (LAPS Founder), and Songwriters Nelson Alburquenque and Rick Van Vooren. Participation at the 3rd annual Women's March LA was made possible by donations from Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural & Bookstore, who donated a table and chairs, and Metal Babe Mayhem who donated the tent. LAPS' space was dedicated to social justice by showcasing the artwork and poetry from our members. Featured art was from: Perla Serrano, Maura McLaughlin, with poetry from Juan Cardenas, Estella Ramirez, Trini Rodriguez, photography of activist happenings from Alexis Fancher, and Jessica M. Wilson.

L-R: Jessica M. Wilson, Estella Ramirez, Rick Van Voorden

Building a Bridge

The goals of the LAPS was to meet more LA community, support and promote the strength of all human beings known as women, and to increase their pressence in LA. They were also very excited to meet more of LA and to let everyone know that they are celebrating 10 years of service to Los Angeles County!

Lots of connections were made with the possibilities of even more collaboration and opportunities for LAPS members.

The LAPS was urging the marchers to "express" themselves on their poster, which was placed out in front, with a tarp and paintbrushes. The poster served as a living artpiece for those at the Women's March that evolved throughout the day. There were many people that stopped by during their march to write or draw a message. It was very moving to see young and old dipping their paintbrush in the paint, writing messages of LOVE, Peace, and equality.

LAPS had a table that also showcased different member works: inlcuding books, anthologies, CDs, and artwork. Being at the Women's March was a historic and wonderful opportunity to meet more of LA, and to also kick off the LAPS' 10 year celebrations.

Joining LAPS is free -- just stop on by and sign up with your email, or add us to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Here are some of our favorite photos of the actions at Women's March LA!

Photos by Jessica M. Wilson and Estella Ramirez.

Estella Ramirez and Nelson Alburquenque


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