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Angela Rose Flores

Angela is a winner of the 2nd Annual Women's Month Poetry Contest - sponsored by LAPS and Metal Babe Mayhem!


Our judges loved Angela's poem, Rock n Roll Grandma. What a great subject for a poem and a celebration of women of all ages! This award winning poem has won publication in LAPS Poet Pages and also a $25 cash prize!

Angela Rose Flores, musician, songwriter and literary writer was born and raised in the Boyle Heights district of East Los Angeles. She began writing poetry and short stories at the age of 10 and won an award for her “Book of Poetry” from the Mexican American Youth Opportunities Foundation in the 6 th grade. She has not stopped writing since. Under the name ‘Angela Vogel’ she performs as a singer-songwriter and is recognized as part of the pioneering E.L.A. Punk Scene of the early eighties and the feminist trio, Las Tres. Although songwriting has been in the forefront, literary writing is Angela’s passion and has always been the underlying core of her creative outlet. Her poetry has been published in Madre, Mother- Mujeres de Maiz Zine 2015 and the Coiled Serpent Anthology 2016.

Thank you to our contest sponsor: Metal Babe Mayhem


Where rock and roll

and fashion meet!

Rock 'n Roll Grandma

I’m all about Rock n’ Roll

Not punk, not funk

Not side step, two shoes

Hand holding dance moves


Loud, rumbling

Guitar madness

High velocity amp stacks

Broken strings

Stand-by guitars

Flangers, phasers

Echo boxes and



Sound checks, riders

Guest lists, groupies -

Won’t let no guy

Touch my guitar

Won’t let no guy

Set my sound -

Some like to think

I can’t play, yet

Every lick blows them



I’m all about Rock n’ roll

Not reggae or blues

Not side step, two shoes

Punk jumping dance moves


High velocity

Guitar madness

Stratocaster lover

Lady guitar player

Rock ‘n Roll grandma



(c)2016 Angela Rose Flores

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