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Welcome to the LAPS Radio Palette

An all arts radio show hosted by Victor Sotomayor



Joe Gardner


"Joe Gardner and His Shadow"

a conversation with Victor Sotomayor


Joe Gardner is a Poet and the author of "In the Shadow of the Bomb", the host of UVAA's Open Mic where Vets and Civilians meet and share poetry and creative art!  


With great pleasure that we present our Director of Visual Arts Collaboration, Michael Ray de Los Angeles!


Poet, Ecological activist, writer, editor, musician, juggler and Jack of all Trades; Michael Ray has several workshops planned for 2015, and will also be releasing a new book of poetry.


Magdalena writes almost every day about her love of God, nature, birds, family, and has inspired many to follow their spiritual path. 


Air date: 1/1.2015

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