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Acid Verse Literary Journal
We are an online literary journal published yearly by Los Angeles Poet Society Press. Los Angeles Poet Society Press is the publishing arm of the Los Angeles Poet Society, both of which are BIPOC Woman Founded and run.

Acid Verse centers BIPOC, and creates a safe space for undocumented, disabled, non-binary, gender-fluid, and LGBTQ folks. Acid Verse does not and will not work with non-profits, associate with police, I.C.E, or politicians. Acid Verse believes in the power of community.

The Earth Beneath Our Feet

The Earth Between our Feet examines our place in mental and physical wellness, and in between as a thriving, living human being. We sometimes face challenges, but we have ways we cope or overcome.

This issue examines perspectives of wellness through poetry, photography, art, collaboration, and just letting it all out in any form necessary for release.
Edited by Rosie Alonso, MFA (Poet and Activist)

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Queer Uprising!

Join us in celebrating our first issue, Queer Uprising, is not only a call to celebrate our unique, authentic selves, but a call to stand resilient against a patriarchal and capitalist society.
The poetry and art featured here is a collective uprising; we come together as a community to explore the beauty within ourselves and in what we see, feel, and value.
I hope you enjoy this first issue! - R
Los Angeles Poet Society Press
Acid Verse Literary Journal Editor-in-Chief

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