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The Los Angeles Poet Society Angels!

We present to your our gallery of Sponsors and Donors of the Los Angeles Poet Society! These are our Angels!  Thank you so much and WRITE ON!


The Los Angeles Poet Society is a Non-Profit Community Organization and has fiscal sponsorship from the 501(c)3 holding Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center.

www.beyondbaroque.org since 1971. We work to create and bridge the creative community all over Los Angeles county and partner with literary LA!



LAPS is also a part of the global movement, 100 Thousand Poets for Change! All donations are tax deductible. Please be sure to note that your donation is for the Los Angeles Poet Society.


100 Thousand Poets for Change is a world movement to bring peace, sustainability, to all the lands! We believe in our expression as an agent for change! We pay it all forward to our artists and LAPS Members - in which membership is free.


WRITE ON! Thank you for your support.

Presenting our ANGELS!


Kimberly Cobian
Educator, Poetrypalooza Founder, Belly Dancer, Poet, President of ZZyZx WriterZ, and Director of the Board for Nuvein Foundation for the Arts

Poetic Diversity - LA's Litzine






Teresa Steward
Educator, Middle School, LAUSD

Cklara Moradian

Kurdish - American Poet, Writer, and Activist based in the Los Angeles area.




Don Kingfisher Campbell

Poet, Publisher, and Educator with Upward Bound for teens at Occidental University. Host: Saturday Afternoon Poets.


Editions du Cygne/ Swan World Press

Publisher of Literary and Academic manuscripts.

Paris, France




Jack Cohen

Author and Theologian from the ways of New York and St. Louis, MO.

International Word Bank/ Baxter Daniels Ink Press

Publisher of Literary Art and Poetry

Los Angeles, CA 

Jeffrey Bryant 

Poet and Author
Website sponsor

Jenni Asher




Website sponsor


Dr. Leanor Johansen

Los Angeles, CA 

Vaishali Paliwal

Los Angeles, CA 

Lummox Press


Los Angeles, CA 

Rick Van Voorden

Los Angeles, CA