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Senior Advocacy


The journey continues with Creative Aging.

Join the Los Angeles Poet Society in recognizing our elders, the Senior Citizens of our country, our world.

The state law recognizes seniors as age 55 or more... Look around and think about those in your life and surrounding community that may be in this age bracket. While much of our society, embraces healthy aging, and is turning to a positive balance of activity, so many of our elderly get overlooked. There is a darker truth to the treatment of our Seniors, where they are mistreated and met with neglect.


Being alive, we are blessed with so much energy (call this spirit, call this life force), and with decades of neglect, or social displacement, it can harm our minds. With this, our Seniors can begin to feel that there is no place for them...sadly many let go of trying to be happy and truly live.



The Los Angles Poet Society has partnered with the "Young Oldie", Poet Norman Molesko, who is a pioneer in mission of Creative AgingHe leads his life as an example of the success of Creative Aging... Normie has served on the Los Angeles Dept. of Aging Council on Aging, and promotes a positive Senior Experience. There is a hope of life in each minute of breath; never give up! Mr. Molesko is an advocate of Creative Aging by bringing Poetry to the people, in particular the Senior population!


In Creative Aging, one can utilize the Arts, creative methodology, to free your mind and once again find your happy. This is a beautiful act of kindness and love.


The Los Angeles Poet Society fully supports Norman Molesko and his mission! We believe that poetry and other forms of creative art, can stir up the mind to unlock the door to a bright blue horizon for all of us at any age. Let's help our elders reconnect with the beauty of life! 


This section of the Los Angeles Poet Society is in support of the mission of the "Young Oldie", Norman Molesko, and to all Senior Poets, Artists, and Supporters!



~ Jessica M. Wilson

Los Angeles Poet Society, Founder

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Click on the book cover to read "Senior Enrichment Poetry", Norman's new collection of poetry, produced by One Generation!

LAPS Senior Advocacy is dedicated to Evangeline Sanchez Wilson 1920-2010.png

LAPS Senior Advocacy is dedicated to
Evangeline Sanchez Wilson

Click on our senior advocate, Normie, and learn more! >>>>>

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Los Angeles Poet Society partners with

LA's "Young Oldie", Norman Molesko

on the mission towards

Creative Aging!

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