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Thank you to all of our contributors, for sharing your hearts, telling your truth, and for not being afraid.


Promoting rapid sheltering of unsheltered & unprotected women.

In solidarity with the #shedoes movement, to see our homeless sisters, mothers, grandmothers, .daughters, housed; the Los Angeles Poet Society has taken an action in a call for poems on the topic of female homelessness.


This call will be shared with all of us as a testament to truth and action in our communities, that having shelter is a human right and that each of us has become dedicated on this path to help make this happen.

Here you will find stories, poems, realities, of life experienced, and life observed, on the streets of Los Angeles. These stories will be published and sent to the mayor, to urge him and his staff to see it through - house our sisters, and keep them safe.


This means to no longer allow them to be vulnerable to sexual assualt, the elements of harsh heat and cold, rape, violence in any form. This means the city of angels has heart to care for all of its citizens, because #shedoes.

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