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Promoting rapid sheltering of unsheltered & unprotected women.


Inside the heart is where the home lies

Organization takes place of physical structure... in the mind


Rarely does someone notice & say or do something about it


It seems to be the opposite

Accusing glares

Disgusted stares when they know you have no permanent place to sit

What has she done to make this happen?

Just sloppy and careless


Most of the women without homes

Can show you what the definition of brave is

Their walks weren't walks of calm or relaxation

More like sprints, dodges & back hand springs of evasion

Evading the harsh, firm reality of being a female

In this world, in this society

Making self, bills, children their priority

Loving over those who need it the most

Sacrificing wants for needs and moving coast to coast

It wasn't intentional or even a permanent change

But when you're aiming, the target sometimes is just out of range

These women adjust, reset and keep pushing

Even when at the lowest point

They still have heart to cushion

The blow from the blow that landed upon those

Her, she, sis, mommy

Mrs., Professor, Head Nurse of Oncology

What happened?

Lots did, but she's still who she was

Give her resources, faith and watch what she does

She'll bounce back and clean up the whole mess

Don't think you know her story because you've seen her homeless


Nicole Miranda (c)2018

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