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Oh, coarse streets

Stained mattresses

Violated bedrooms


You own her not

In this lot

Of unmitigated rot


She flies her own flag

She is free

Drowning on the ocean's knee


Do not listen

To angry Gods

Or black clouds


They harken Winter and

Call for rain


Swim in

The shallowest pools and

Darkest waters


Speak from

The stillest hearts


Yet fear not

Tranquility is true


Harmony healing

Peace pulverizing


The Maker

Creating a geometry

Of love


Stealing empathy

From above


Oh, sweetest sister

Give us your succulent skin


Locomotive of pain

Freight train of same


Let us

Take it away


Make it blonde

Not gray


And forever

In neon

You will stay


On new sofas

And beds

You will pray

For a brighter day



Open your soul

Sign on the dotted line


Make her space

Yours, ours and mine


With a ceiling and

Fan sublime


Dearest Juliet

Your faith meets the bubble gum sky

Sending torpedoes incredibly high


Wandering the overpasses

At night


No more weeping

At the sign of light


Dusting the hands

At will


You remain

Lovely still


Like a rose blooming under

The desert sun


You deserve not

This rancid run


Like a meadow

Pink as polyester


You shine

My alabaster dove

And never fester


In this forest of

Ridiculous rust

Built on bluster


Radomir V. Luza (c)2018

Peach Bottom


Promoting rapid sheltering of unsheltered & unprotected women.

Vagina ripping

Blood dripping


Body molested

Face bested


Spirit never raped

Fist shaped


What next?

Another helping of abusive sex?


When the Mayor

Wants votes

Not brains on necks


May the birds fly

Rivers flow

Flowers bloom


Los Angeles has no answer

For this unholy doom


Downtown a bleak cemetery

For a pixie dust fairy


African Americans

Weeping silently


Women sleeping alone indefinitely


Answers to this

Human Armageddon


Dying slowly inside

Me and you


Like a Satanic stew

Featuring hell's darkest brew


Innocence nailed

To the cross


Love a bull's eye

For arrows of

Shame, pity and guilt


Homelessness equals

Severe restlessness


Salt and peppered

By imagination



Making you stronger

Yet acceptable

No longer


Where is the housing?

The very female carousing?


Behind us

Like love

The greatest of goals


On this black island of

Nipple twisting and

Anal fisting


Where is Jesus?

Looking for religion in all the wrong places


Rusted faces

Rotten braces


Callous paces

To empty spaces


On Beelzebub's

Brown and beligerant bases


How can this be in America?

Where all are equal



Do something less than nothing


Or is she really born

Into this show


Where no should mean no

Grow mean grow and


Beauty eclipse the night

Like a child the light

Radomir V. Luza (c)2018

She Shadow

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