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Promoting rapid sheltering of unsheltered & unprotected women.

She Does

Just because

The world sees

Her differently

Mental disease

Maybe she’s

Just lonely


Has fought

But lost her peace





Humanity is her

The nurturer

Giver of life

Hear her cry

She deserves

Peace for her nerves

Shelter for her mind

Sight for the blind

Who fail to see

That she

was you and me

Can we agree

She needs kindness

To take away her sadness

Don't stare breathlessly

She has necessities

That desperately

Need me but charity

Seems too much to ask

Like it’s a difficult task

But if this was

your daughter

If this was

Your mother

Would you shut

Your eyes

Would you

Walk right by

She needs us

She deserves

To get through

She deserves hope too

Just because

She Does.



Poet UB


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