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In Memoriam...

John Oliver Simon

Rest in Power: mentor, friend, poet!
John Oliver Simon was an avid yogi, poet, poetry teacher, and mentor.
His legacy is left to his life's work with California Poets in the Schools.

He wrote a sonnet a day.
We will be publishing sonnets in his memory.


John passed away from a battle with Cancer in February 2018.



Yvonne de la Vega


Yvonne was an incredible Spoken Word and Beat Poet, Performer, Singer, Guitarist, Activist, and Journalist.


She had a spirit that ignited the world. Her book of poetry is titled "Tomorrow Yvonne. Poems for Suicidal Egotists", with a heartfelt Introduction from Ray Manzarek of The Doors. Her book came out in 2014 by Punk Hostage Press.  She was an icon to LA's poetry scen and incredibly beautiful inside and out.

She wrote for the Examiner, and was also the founder of the Spoken Word show Word Beat.

She organized the 1st 100 Thousand Poets for Change World Festival for Los Angeles at Beyond Baroque in 2011. Her assistant was our Founder, Jessica M. Wilson. She has been a promient member of our creative community and believed in bringing artists together.

She passed away on December 14, 2019 and is survived by her children Blaise and Bianca. A community of Los Angeles writers and artists are mourning their friend.

Rest in Power, Yvonne! <3 

*We will have a memorial reading for her in January 2020.

YvonnedelaVega poeteyci

Peacock Secret's Gma


In February 2021, Peacock Secrets was slated to be the featured poet for the inaugural Los Angeles Poet Society Press Presents Open Mic. Unfortunately that week, her Gma was diagnosed with COVID and had to go to ICU. A few months later, she passed on to the next life. 

But her spirit lives on through Peacock Secret's poetry. 

Rest in power, Gma! Your life will be remembered.


"She's wild and a fighter. Cursed like a sailor. Never met a casino she didn't like. She's an LGBTQ supporter. She went from hetero to bi to hetero again. I once curiously asked her how/why ...she said she doesn't know." -- Peacock Secrets


Check out Peacock Secret's Dedication Poem:





And though, Peacock Secrets did not make it to the open mic, we honored her Gma by reading Peacock Secret's poem. Check out the video here:


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