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Planned publication date: March 2024

LA Nostalgia - Call for Submissions
a new LA anthology

More information about what we are looking for...

Call for Submissions for LA Poet Society Press’ new Los Angeles Anthology, “LA Nostalgia; Let’s talk about your LA!”


Let’s talk about your LA!



Everyone has a different experience in LA. 

Some could experience ChinaTown, Venice or East LA in 1955, 1975, 2020… all of these are different, vibrant engagements with the city, who is always moving, modifying, shifting. 

Every decade in Los Angeles is different. Tell us about your favorite LA memory? 60’s? 80’s? 2000s? What did you live through, or what do you wish you could have seen? How many times has that corner store gone through a face lift? Is it even a store any more?

Your LA of 2023 could be so different from your 2021 LA. 

My Little Tokyo 2021, could be such a vast experience from my Little Tokyo 2022…


So, what’s your LA? 

Come on, it’s your time to speak, and set free, lay down your hair for the LA of your dreams. Show us her teeth. 


Who remembers the Alexandria? 

Club World? 

Bang at the Ruby? 

The Derby? 

Harlem Place Cafe?


Let’s bring the city together, with one story at a time.


All genres are encouraged to submit. 

Visual art, literature, collage, memoir, photo, short stories, poetry, literary art, photography, interviews are welcome.


Literary Work (text based)

Submit up to 3 previously unpublished works in PDF format 

Do not put your name on your submissions. 

Name, contact information (Address, Email, Phone number), title(s) of your submission(s) should be on a title page only. 


Visual Art 

Submit up to 5 pieces of previously unpublished visual art in .png, .jpg, or .tiff format.

Do not put your name on your submissions. 

Name, contact information (Address, Email, Phone number), title(s) of your submission(s) should be on a title page only. 


Please email your submissions to: 

Subject: LA Nostalgia Submission

Deadline to submit: February 16, 2024


Planned publication date: September 2024

Love in Verse Poetry Contest.png

Love in Verse

a love poem poetry contest                                  Deadline: February 29. 2024


Love is a universal experience that touches everyone's life in some way. It's a complex emotion that can take many forms, from the passionate and romantic to the familial and platonic. The LA Poet Society recognizes the power of love in our lives and is seeking to showcase the diverse ways in which love can manifest through poetry.


LA Poet Society is currently accepting submissions of unpublished poems on the theme of love in all its forms. Interested poets can submit up to five poems, with a maximum of three pages each, for a nominal fee of $1 per poem.


Deadline to enter: 2/29/24



Enter at and click on the Love In Verse Poetry Contest!

Submit up to 5 poems. $1 entry per poem.

If you want to submit more than one poem into the contest, you will need to increase your entries, you will need to update the quantity. 

(For example, if you enter 3 poems, you will need to change quantity to 3. The total fee would be $3.)

Each poem should be no longer than 3 pages. 

Submit your work to

Please include a Title Page with your name, contact information, and the titles of the pieces you are entering. 

Your poem should not have your name on it. 

Your name should only be on the Title Page.

In the subject line of your email please type:

Love Poem Submission: (Your First & Last Name)

DO NOT include your in the body of the email.

Please ATTACH your poems as a .pdf, .doc., .docx, or as a .png for poster/flyer poems, or .mov, .mpeg., for a video poem. Video poems should NOT exceed 5 minutes. 


All poems will be judged by blind submission. (This means that your name should not be on your poem).

Poems will be scored and judged by a panel of 5 established Poets. Names TBA.

One winner will be announced, winning the collective prize money from all the entries of the contest. 

Additionally, the winner will be published on LA Poet Society's blog, and social media outlets.

Winner will be invited to feature at an LA Poet Society show, and invited for an interview on Reading in Bed with Jessica, a literary showcase on the radio, Radio Ollin, KROJ 101.5FM. 


2nd and 3rd place contestants will also have the opportunity to be featured on an LA Poet Society show, and their work will be published on our LA Poet Society blog, and social media. 

~~~~~~~~ GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ~~~~~~~~~

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Keep Sharing the LOVE!

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