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Our goal is to keep you informed and tell you what's going on around town in the Literary Arts. It takes a village to help bridge LA. Here are our Villagers. 

Jessica M. Wilson

Executive Director, Founder

Jessica M. Wilson

Jessica M. Wilson is a Chicana Poet from East Los Angeles, CA. She has an MFA in Writing from Otis College of Art and Design and a BA in Creative Writing and Art History from the University of California, Riverside. She is the Mother of the Sun and the Moon.


She began the Los Angeles Poet Society as an answer to bring the LA literary 'scene' into light -- so there would be transparency between Poets and Poetry Venues, Publishers, Musicians and Artists and all creatives.


To bring the community together, she began the Literary Series: Writers' Row, Writer Wednesday, SoapBox Poets Open Mic, Tonalli Thursday, and the Salon @ NoHo.


Jessica is a Poet Teacher with California Poets in the Schools, and believes in the power of the word! She is 100 Thousand Poets for Change Artivist and Curator, and Revolutionary Poets Brigade in Los Angeles!

Jessica is the author of Serious Longing, a collection of poems published by Swan World Press, Paris, France.


She is a Beat Poet and dedicates her words to the freedom of Mohammad ibn Al Ajami and other humans being repressed and denied the right to speak their truth.

Author page:

Jeffrey Bryant

Website Sponsor

Jeffrey Bryant is a Writer living in LA, published in LA Weekly, LA Times, Poetic Diversity, Coiled Serpent.

Alex Petunia

Open Mic Host & Curator

alex (1).jpg

Alex "Petunia" Trubatisky has worn a kaleidoscope of hats, including drumming in an all-girl rock band, hippo-ing in a space ship, and road tripping with the moon and her poetry. Whenever she can, she will hug a tree, frolic barefoot in with the Earth and share a breath with you. Her poetry has been published in works such as the In the Words of Women's International Anthology and the Las Lunas Locas' 
I Rite to Live Anthology. She is currently working on her first book through the Community Literature Initiative's Poetry Publishing Program. Between pen adventures, she is sipping tea with a snake around her neck, puppies by her side and a cat meowing for more poems. 

Alex hosts One Mic One Globe each 3rd Wednesday of the month. 7pm PST

Susan Gonzalez



Susan Gonzalez is a Volunteer with the American Red Cross, she is an active Eagles Lodge Member and fundraiser, and Outreach and Fundraising Associate for Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural & Bookstore. 

Juan Cardenas

Associate Director

Juan Cardenas

Juan Cardenas is a Flutist, Vocalist, Poet, Activist, and Educator to the bilingual community, specializing in teaching poetry and music to the youth. He is a Poet Teacher with California Poets in the Schools working with native Spanish speakers and youth of diverse cultural backgrounds. 


"Literature and creative expression were the gateway to discovering who I was, it made the everyday living simpler to understand, and school a lot easier to handle; not to mention motivating. I am able to see how poetry impacted my life at a young age in a positive way. I am now aware of the different directions my life could have gone as I see today’s youth. As an immigrant growing in a Latino community, I first-handedly felt  the lack of literary outlets in the community. Unfortunately, I still feel its presence in North Hollywood. I would like to be the bridge to the community to literal creative arts." ~ Juan Cardenas


Juan is part of 100 Thousand Poets and Musicians for Change, and the Revolutionary Poets Brigade - Los Angeles. He is the Author of The Beat of an Immigrant Chicano, from Swan World Press. 

Norman Molesko

Senior Advocacy Partner

Norman Molesko is a pioneer in promoting and conveying Senior Advocacy. How so? Because he covers many aspects of Senior Advocacy through the means of poetry, Senior life, Senior experiences, Senior concerns and Senior issues, in his workshop of words, gestures and communications.


He is a storyteller - poet - entertainer – since the year 1999 and focuses on the mind, body, spirit and soul.

Karo Ska

Production Assistant, Editor

Open Mic Host & Curator


 Karo Ska (she/they) is a South Asian & Eastern European non-binary femme, migrant poet, living on occupied Tongva Land (aka Los Angeles) with their black cat muse. Anti-capitalist & anti-authoritarian, they find joy where they can. Their first chapbook, gathering grandmothers' bones was released on February 29th, 2020. For updates, follow them on instagram @karoo_skaa or check out their website

Poetry Podcast

Poets and Muses


Imogen Arate is an award-winning poet who has written poetry since her tween years, in four languages and published in two.

You can find her poems onlinein print and during the second half of  each Poets and Muses episode.

Her poems “A Declaration of Loyalty ” and “Sanctuary” took home the second and third prize of the 2020 National Federation of Press Women at-large Communications contest.

She is also the 2019 Phoenix Poetry Slam Erotic Haiku Deathmatch Champion.

Poets and Muses


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