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Promoting rapid sheltering of unsheltered & unprotected women.

Homeless Poem

Helpless and afraid, tired of running from the physical abuse

Captured overtime and then back to the cage, just an animal on the loose

Using the earth’s soil to smother her body in a veiled disguise

Curled up on the cobbled streets her frail soul hidden from prying eyes

Her body flinched with every rain droplet that splashed to the floor

Like bullets piercing through her skin, tearing open her heart, images flashing, a prisoner of war

The pain so raw she can still taste her blood dripping from her nose

She can feel every rough line, in his palm as he ripped apart her clothes

She breathes in and out slowly, listening, to her own heart beat

Not a life or soul around, to listen to this homeless lady on the street

She is a survivor, a rose blossoming amongst the thorns

Escaping the hot burning ashes of hell, she rose above the devils horns

No mark of the beast for she escaped the heavy chains that shackled her ankles for so long

Now bound to the streets, her new home, trying to remain strong

Her strength tested through every dagger that rips apart her stomach every day

As hot juices devour her senses, the sweet aromas coming from Broadway

A plan to scour the bins later a meal fit for a King, for she is a Queen

Caged and told to say I do in a different country too, at just eighteen

No identity, lost within the colours that stream down the cobbled streets when it rains

For the rain carries more passion than any human with a heart and bloodied cold veins

For she feels more heat from the cold blowing breeze, where she sits silently so still

Waiting desperately for the golden coins a gesture of good will

She knows the life on the street isn’t safe but what is safe?

How can she remain protected?

Homeless is seen as disease that eventually kills the infected

So she remains a shadow in the night, for the darkness doesn’t speak

Hidden out of sight and societies view the homeless lady remains strong not weak.

(c)2018 Sharena Lee Satti

Homeless Poem #2

Splodges of rain splattered across her cold bare feet, drowning in the rain

Each droplet cleansing her broken face, disguising each bloodied stain

Gently she drags her lifeless body, losing her balance, she hits the ground

Trying to escape his hands twisting around her throat, for she was running, running from his distinctive sound

Her body drenched from the earth’s tears, making her tears impossible to see

All eyes on her, but not a smile in sight, for what is this curse, choosing to be free

She lay silently still, frozen, looking up into space,

Trying to see what lurks beyond the clouds, for surely it has to be better than staying on earth with the human race

The sound of clanking coins hitting on the floor, broke her trance

Scooping up the coins and placing in her empty pockets, collecting it in advance

She staggered to her feet, frightened and alone, not knowing which path she should walk

Homeless and running for her life, not understanding the language that the people on the street talk

Confused and unsure of her actions, having her head smashed to the ground seemed easier than running for a helping hand

Freedom from violence, but still caged in a world she didn’t understand

Shivering in the downpour, missing the warmth the heat,

Standing at the stove, watching the flames burn as she prepared dinner to eat

Missing the heavy chains that shackled her ankles, for she is afraid, afraid of being alone, on her own, afraid of opening her eyes but not being able to see

Fear darkening her vision, what life shall be given to such divorcee

For she is lost with no identity, her innocence marked in a bloody red stain

Before she left him, he told her, her body was just a piece of recycled meat, ready for the food chain

Her body was a vessel for more than just her, little did she know, that inside of her womb, a little fetus grow

Saving the life of her own and her unborn child from the demons that walk on the earth

She sought to cleanse her troubled path before she gives birth

Her body was a temple housing the life that she had implanted

Infuriated with the heavens above for the life she had been granted

She breathed in the cold crisp air and closed her eyes

Trying to release her tears through her broken hearted cries

She was tired and lonely and considering going back to get her daily beat

For living through his violence was easier than being on the street

(c)2018 Sharena Lee Satti

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