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Promoting rapid sheltering of unsheltered & unprotected women.


 I am a Gypsy

 a Catholic Pagan

 dreamer of dreams

 lover of humorous souls

 and caretaker for those close to the edge of life

 during this time it came to me

 that little piece of reality

 between life and death

 is going to be an instant

 moving into the universe

 where the loved ones 

 and lovers live

 where the starry skies remind us

 to stumble into madness

 just enough to taste euphoria

 hear our own laughter

 so the dearly departed could join in

 the Happy Haunting 

 the Mom place

 maybe its made out of cupcake frosting

 maybe its made out of fallen stars

 maybe its made out of Moms 

 we are also made out of Moms

 so it couldn't be half bad

 I am a Gypsy

 a Wandering Lustful Curious Woman

 alive with ideas

(c)2019 Marina Escalante Morris

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