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Here, Have A Cigar!


I am a grandpa. How did it all begin?

When I was young. I courted a lady. Became a lover.  

We were amorous. What resulted was a baby.

A little bundle in the blanket I am holding.  

My God! I am a proud father. Here, Have A Cigar!

This infant smiled and then cried.

This cute darling became smelly and wet.

Had to be changed.

You know, diapers and paper wipes.  

Had to be fed and kept me up at night.  

The next day I wasn’t too bright.

Shh Shh Baby, be quiet.

Here baby, suck on your pacifier.

Looking back, time passed quickly.

Baby was active. Baby was crawling.

Then physically strong enough to sit up.

Time came when baby’s first steps were taken.

I shouted out to my wife,

Our baby, Our Baby is walking!

Remember those daily scenes, when we convened,

The high-chair, the teething rings, the training cups.  

Yep, our kid was growing and became a toddler.

Those were the days, putting things up high.

Beyond reach and hearing baby’s attempts at speech.

Time moved on. My child continued to develop.

Started school. Kept on growing bigger and taller.

Into adolescence, teenage years and adulthood.

Can you imagine? Can you envision?

My baby was finally an adult.

And guess what? This adult became a lover.

A child resulted. Yes, I’m a proud grandpa.

I’m holding my new baby.

Here, Have A Cigar!


© Norman Molesko, 2013

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