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Emily R. Clark

Emily R Clark is a filmmaker, poet, and entrepreneur. Her work has appeared in Cultural Weekly, The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, A! Magazine for the Arts, Askew Poetry Journal, Ventura’s Emerging Poets,  Lavender Review, Aspen Daily News, Spectrum, among others. She completed a multi-state tour of her first poetry collection, Art Triumphant in 2017 and is working on a new book, Celestial Bodies.


She is currently in post-production with her directorial debut, "Love Spell", a short fantasy thriller scheduled for release in August of 2018. Follow Emily here: and check out her film on

IMDb: Love Spell Movie

Night Mirrors


Twilight girl

stars bedded 

in her skin 


Inky skin

ignited white

across the galley 


moonlight manifesto

all of her, 

a whisper.


(c)2018 Emily R. Clark

Emily is a runner up in our 2018 International Womyn's Month Poetry Contest!
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