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Joy Rosenberg

Joy is a winner of the 2nd Annual Women's Month Poetry Contest - sponsored by LAPS and Metal Babe Mayhem!


Our judges were absolutely floored by the empowering poem Joy submitted, Let Earth Receive Her QueenIt's a poem with such passion and honesty that most women can stand by. We loooooove it! This is also is a poem celebrating Women in Music, which was what we were looking for! Tell it! This award winning poem has won publication in LAPS Poet Pages and also a $25 cash prize!

Joy Rosenberg moved to California in 2000 after a young life on the east coast. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in religion from Wellesley College and a Master of Professional Writing from the University of Southern California. Her poems have appeared in print in The Free Venice Beachhead and online at Spiral Bridge Writers Guild. She has taught in the Los Angeles public schools for 12 years, lives at the beach with her husband and daughter, and loves making music and hula hooping.

Thank you to our contest sponsor: Metal Babe Mayhem


Where rock and roll

and fashion meet!

Let Earth Receive Her Queen

after Ani DiFranco

 A promise
 was broken
 and no one thought
 we noticed.


 We noticed.


 We didn’t have words
 for it, didn’t have
 its soundtrack until
 she came snarling,
 growling, howling,
 yodeling and giggling
 with press-on nails
 duct-taped to her fingers,
 so she could rage that guitar
 with abandon.

 They thought they
 could overlook us,
 dress us up,
 entomb us.
 We could not be found in
 their Bibles
 We could not be found on
 They heard us asking for
 a takeover,
 not simply




 But in every city,
 we were rising.
 Communally, we raged
 against the one-time isolation of
 and transfigured our lives,
 gave up our seats
 at the school of cosmetology,
 and took star roles
 in our own cosmogony.


 Our Big Bang happens
 every month.
 The universe contracts itself
 in a vice grip until we give in
 to the explosion, the inevitability of pain.


 First: a trickle, then:
 the flood.


 We don't expect
 an apology.
 Some consciousness
 would do
 just fine, though.


(c)2016, Joy Rosenberg

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