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Lea Nagy

Lea Nagy was born in Szolnok, Hungary on June 2nd 2000. She is a poet and writer, and a winner of the “Debüt” and “Khelidón” awards.

In 2018, her first collection of poems was published by Napkút Publishing House under the title Légörvény. In 2019, the Hungarian Writers' Association awarded her the “Debüt” prize for the best book of poetry by a young poet published in 2018.

In 2020, her second collection of poetry, Kőhullás, was published by the Napkút publishing house. In 2021, she won the “Khelidón” prize for this collection.

In 2021, she was awarded the Zsigmond Móricz Literary Scholarship.

She is a member of the Hungarian Writers Association.


Despite her young age, Lea Nagy is already very much involved and recognised in the demanding Hungarian literary scene, with multiple reviews in the most influential Hungarian literary magazines.


This is her first foreign language (in French) publication. Two others will soon follow at Éditions du Cygne, translated into French by Daniel Baric, a specialist in Central European literature at the Sorbonne University in Paris.

Lea Nagy's poetry has been translated.

Constant Anticipation

The other side of the bed is empty.

The pillow is there though

just like the carefully folded quilt,

and the towel at the foot of the bed.

It evokes a constant anticipation

inside me,

as if someone might drop in

at any second,

over here,

to this apartment,

where I’m spending my summer holidays,

and that someone

would simply

unfold the carefully folded


and would lay down,

while the other side of the bed remains empty.


The cat has arrived.

The glass door’s gloss

splits its face in two.


It climbs onto the bald head of its master.

Digs its claws into his skull,

in the icy intoxication of the night.


The animal’s growing alarmingly.

As the bald man keeps shrinking.




Poems by Lea Nagy

Translated from Hungarian by Gabor g Gyukics

Excerpts from “Chaos on Dispaly” © Lea Nagy & Editions du Cygne

Red Light

Fear is the basic part of me.

Somehow the trams are too

as they’re flashing by.

People are sitting inside

I can see their indistinct


that girl

is chewing on her nails,

flipping through some papers

then looks at her watch,



The tram starts.

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