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I wake up in the morning.
I realize that I’m alive. I’m aware.

And what about the world around me?
I generally see the world as good. 

Not everyone can see the world as good,
the homeless, the very ill, the hurting and others.

Goodness is a way of thinking, a way of feeling.
Looking back at my life, at your lives, 
many of us grew up
with the idea of goodness.
Our parents said to us, 
you are a good boy, you are a good girl.


The word good is a basic part of our language.
It is heard in common, everyday expressions.
Good morning. Good afternoon. Good night.
Good feelings. Good times. 
Good friends. Good ideas. Good luck.

Good and Goodness have always been around.

These are feelings, openly showing themselves, at times.

These are feelings, underlying who we are, as a people. 


For me, I am living in a world of goodness.


© Norman Molesko, 2018

Ambassador For Seniors

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