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I caught a smile from a middle-aged lady the other day. 


I  asked the lady what makes you smile so much.

She kept smiling at me before she answered.


When I was real young, my mommy said to me,

Child, God has selected you to be special.


I was a sickly child.

I heard these words many times from my mommy.


As I grew up, I saw many doctors

and took so many prescribed medicines.


Since that time my mommy has died to be with her Lord.

I am now an adult without my mommy.


But I can always remember what my mommy said to me.

You are very special, child. God has selected you to be

a very special person.


When I walk I need a cane, to assist me to support my weight.

I take small steps, walk slowly on legs that are thin and weak.


Now, my dear sir, I will be glad to answer your question

about what makes me smile so much.

People have told me I always keep a smile on my face.


The reason for smiling is that I try to bring a ray of sunshine,

a ray of hope to everyone I meet.

God has picked me to be disabled...and to smile at people.


I  said to this smiling lady, it is a privilege meeting you.

If  you don’t mind I will tell your story, to other people I meet.

She beamed back at me.


We said our bye-byes and I left her presence.


© Norman Molesko, 2013

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