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Church Candles
In Memoriam of
Michael Rothenberg
"The Chief" of  100 Thousand Poets for Change                 
(Feb. 17, 1951-Nov. 21, 2022)

The Los Angeles Poet Society acknowledges the Indigenous Peoples of whos land we occupy: the Tongva, Chumash, Gabrieleño, and Fernandeño Tataviam tribes.

Black Lives Matter

The Los Angeles Poet Society, a not-for-profit community organization serving Los Angeles County, California, and beyond, stands with Black Lives Matter, in solidarity in the fight for justice in the face of racism, white supremacy, and murder.

SELA Narrative Poetry Workshops
Congratulations to the Graduating class of our SELA Poetry Workshop!
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Art by Michael Verlangieri
Feather 4

New poetry from LA's Young Oldie Poet, Norman Molesko


I write about aging reality,

my reality and the realities

of those I meet and know.

For me it is human to share,

whether walking or in a wheelchair.


Various seniors and oldies 

  feel similar in many ways,

jaw boning at a market place,

complaining in a doctor’s office,

letting hair down over the phone.


They relate twinges and pains,

  illnesses and other things to blame.

They listen to each other’s headaches, 

read obituaries and go to funerals.

They are living through plenty at this time.


Yet my mind is often on a brighter plane.

I am surprised by new experiences,

what they do for me and lead to.

I am here. I am encountering life.

I write about aging reality.


© Norman Molesko, 2022

Ambassador For Seniors

Ambassador For Joy And Goodwill

Launched in 2020, LA Poet Society Press is a social justice press, with emphasis on publishing BIPOC and queer writers.

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