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Anatomy of a Flame, is LA Poet Society Press' FIRST single author title!

A book of poetry written by Maurico "Soul on Fire" Moreno


Anatomy of a Flame dissects the intersections of identity and culture amongst a world that wants to define you. It is placed in six movements that include: owning your identity, accepting your darkness, and healing. This book will include themes of mental health, identifying as a first generation child of immigrant parents, the taboos of mental illness among Latinx culture, and nature’s role in our healing. The motif of fire is used in each of the six sections of this book to resemble the journey the author showcases within, and how fire can resemble our brightest and darkest moments. The motif of fire concludes with being consumed by the flames, and also embracing what ignites us, burns us, and heals us, with the hopes to help others also find healing.


Maurico "Soul on Fire" Moreno is a first generation Colombian-American artist and writer, originally from Elizabeth, New Jersey. He moved to California to fulfill his life mission of being a writer and sharing his and others’ stories to bring readers closer together and heal the world. His works have been published in Conchas Y Café, Intercultural Press, Resurrection Press, No Tender Fences, Rigorous and he has been featured at several open mic’s throughout Los Angeles. He is currently working on his first novel. When he’s not writing, he can be found in Long Beach donning Hogwarts robes and steampunk goggles, tending to his growing collection of fur babies with his Revolutionary Ravenclaw wife.

Anatomy of a Flame

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