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Crystal is a runner up in our 2018 International Womyn's Month Poetry Contest!

Crystal Diana

My Mother,

you gave my life
as you say
God chose you to be mine
I love looking at you
I love every thought
And every smile
My mother,
You're so true
I love you so
Your eyes are like mine
They shine and everyone can see your aura

When you walk in the room
Everyone's happy
I love looking at you, happy
My mother ,
Your skins so sensitive
Your liver is sick, it is
Your eyes now
I can tell your tired
Yet, you're so accepting of this
But I can't take it
I'm selfish
I want you here forever
My mother,
You're so strong
One of a kind
I'm grateful God made you mine
I wish we had more time
I'd give it all to you
I'd give time back to you

I’d give my life back for you

But I know that wouldn’t give you peace of mind

‘Cause you’ve always wanted the opposite for me

‘Cause you know how much I’m worth

You’ve always gave your heart to me

And I will always put you first


(c)2018 Crystal Diana

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