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Karen Vande Bossche


Congratulations to Karen! She is our 1st runner up in the Los Angeles Poet Society's 4th Annual Summer Poetry Contest with her poem July Musings.




July Musings

I want to go outside.  Seventy degrees,

no wind, my little deck the perfect place 

to sit, to write, to slowly become light 

marshmallow brown.  I should

change to shorts, tank top.  However:


I want to deck sit in my nightgown,

a flimsy knee length boat-necked cotton. 

Facing the sun I would hike the hem

over my knees. Spreading my legs just so

I could feel the heat on my inner thighs.


I want a tumbler of red table wine

even though it’s nine in the morning.

It, too, would leisurely become warm, 

somehow taste more potent, more

exotic, and a little more forbidden.


I want the couples, the housewives,

the noisy groups of bike riding kids

to wonder as they take a second look,

as they whisper to each other,

“Doesn’t she know we can see her?”


I want you to come home unexpectedly;

walk silently through the house; 

stop for a moment and watch me.

Then, your lips against my warm neck,

begin your own summer poem.


(c)2014 Karen Vande Bossche

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