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Mary has been active as a poet, host, and workshop leader in the San Gabriel Valley poetry scene. She is a long-standing member (oh, my achin’ feet) of the Emerging Urban Poets writing group in Pasadena. She has recently put together her first chapbook, Sleeping With Roses, a collection of poems inspired by her youth in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Mary's poems have appeared in the RI Roads Travel Magazine, the Inscape Anthology of Pasadena City College, and many local anthologies including theSan Gabriel Valley Quarterly. Mary, and her poetry were profiled in the L A TIMES in 2001. She is an ESL teacher, a team artist in the annual Pasadena Absolut Chalk Festival, and a member of the COLORS anti-racism group. She lives in Baldwin Park with her husband, Mynor, their two teenage daughters, Nina and Elaine, and their two dogs, Wishbone and Freckles.

Mary Torregrossa


Congratulations, Mary! Mary is the 2013 winner of the Los Angeles Poet Society Summer Poetry Contest! 


Sister Sun is a very thought provoking and nourishing poem, filled with vibrant images that invoke summer! Definitely breathtaking!

Thank you, Mary for your support of the literary arts in Los Angeles!





Sister Sun

There are three of us,

our bony selves

stand out like colts,

especially in summer.


Knocking ankle bones

like dice

we kick the covers

from the bed

each morning.
This day, one sister says,

Will be a scorcher!


She rises,

like a white birch,

limbs askew,

until with grace

she stretches

all the kinks of sleep

into one, long, slender reach

and greets the sun.


~ Mary Torregrossa

(c)2013 All rights reserved by the author

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