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Los Angeles Poets for Justice: A Document for the People, is a call to action to humanity, to bear witness and share their stories and interpretations of the affairs of the world in 2020, and especially after the brutal murder of George Floyd.


This call to action is from the Los Angeles Poet Society, serving creative communities since 2009, and is the first document produced by Los Angeles Poet Society Press.


"Dedicated to George Floyd and all people of color who suffer the continuing injustice embedded

in the structure of our nation." - Edward L . Canavan


"This poem is dedicated to the Black Americans tragically lost to bigotry and to the many Jewish

allies who have given their energies to the Civil Rights Movement." - Lynne Bronstein


“Las Vidas Negras Importan” "Black Lives Matter!" - Rosalilia M. Mendoza


"In solidarity with Eric Garner and his family." - Hernan Jourdan


"I dedicate my writing to anyone who cares to make a difference." - Anvi Bhagavatula

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Los Angeles Poets for Justice: A Document for the People

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