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Radomir V. Luza


Poet  Actor Open Mic Host

Theater Journalist


Radomir is the author of 25 books of poetry, including the emotionally charged collection, New York Nadir. He is the current Poet Laureate of North Hollywood, CA.


Radomir hosts, alongside friend and Poet, Mary A. Mann, UNBUCKLED: NoHo Poetry every 1st Saturday, 3:45-5:45pm at TU Studios in North Hollywood.


He also Co-Hosts Writer Wednesdays with Jessica Wilson, each Wednesday from 7-9pm at Bob's Espresso Bar in North Hollywood. 


Check our event calendar for more information.

Radomir's lastest collection of poetry, New York Nadir, is available for purchase on


The tears dripping down

The dark red robe

Like lost integers

The one you got at Sears 

In Boulder, Colorado 

In the Summer of 1975 

I was 11


You caressing my face 

Like an eel in fresh water

An orphan in blue jeans


The licorice eyes

4am hair


Portals to my dreams 

The classically-trained Czech actress

Replacing Creone with kids

And casket with hummingbird

Escaping Stalin

Stage and sisters

Like Jesus did the disciples

Czechoslovakia you mother of marrow

Dripping in sweet salt

Like a forgotten warrior

Your cross mother

Iron oak 

The halo above your head

The white light beneath it


by Radomir Vojtech Luza (c)2013

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