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Bilingual Youth Poetry Workshop (BYPW)


Each Saturday morning at Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural, California Poets in the Schools, (CPITS), Poet Teacher, Juan Cardenas leads his group of Poets on a journey. Sometimes led by words, images, or simple and complex sound, Juan opens the door to creativity through poetry using master Poets of Spanish and English language as inspiration.


Workshops are Saturday mornings at Tia Chucha's 

A gift from Juan...

On the last day of class for Winter 2015 "Round 1", Juan handmade Agate pendants for each of his students. 

Such an amazing and selfless act of appreciation and respect for each student's creative voice. Juan is a giving and passionate Poet Teacher... we are happy to announce that he will teach Round 2 at Tia Chucha's come Spring! 

Celebrating 14 Years of Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural

The class was honored to join in the 14 year anniversary celebration for Tia Chucha's Centro Cultural at the Pacoima Community Center this Saturday, March 28. Students were invited up to read by Poet Teacher Juan Cardenas and LAPS President, Jessica Wilson. Each student read and received applause for their poetry!

Bilingual Youth Poetry at Tia Chucha's

Tia Chucha's has partnered with California Poets in the Schools and the Los Angeles Poet Society to bring you a new Bilingual Youth Poetry Workshop led by CPITS Poet Teacher, Juan Cardenas! Using master Poets from Spanish and English language as inspiration, Juan fuses music, art, and verse to unlock the creative voice in all! 

Straight from the thoughts of Juan... to you!

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