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A new partnership with Art / Space Huntington Park!

Hi friends! Happy September and new beginnings... hopefully you all made it through the hot weeks we had here in Los Angeles. We are so excited to announce a new partnership and poetry workshop in Southeast Los Angeles!

September 24, from 3-5pm, begins our new Narrative Poetry Workshop, with Poetry Teacher, Jesenia Chavez! These workshops will be held at Art / Space Huntington Park!

Saturday, September 24, will be the first workshop in a series of 6, sponsored by the Eastside Arts Initiative and the Los Angeles Poet Society.

Address: 3382 E. Florence Ave. Huntington Park, CA 90255

We are so honored to service Southeast Los Angeles, and partner with Art / Space Huntington Park. Many thanks to the leadership of Founder and CEO, Rosario Calatayud-Serna! She had such a beautiful vision and we get to work together for the good of the dream.

I wanted to get to know Rosario and Art / Space Huntington Park better, and so I asked them;

  1. What's the origin story for your space and organization

  2. What is your Mission?

  3. What would you like Art / Space HP to look like in 5 years?

Thank you to Rosario for sharing.

Please enjoy the lovely origin of Rosario's vision.

Gallery show at Art Space HP
photo provided by Art Space HP

Origin Story:

When I was growing up, my parents would always have to take us to East Los Angeles or Downtown Los Angeles for classes and art related activities. As I started studying and building my career, I held on the strong belief that arts are a powerful tool in society. The arts can be a bridge to understanding social issues, cultures and a powerful tool to amplify voices.

After having lived and worked in New York City for 10 years, my heart was set on moving back home to start my own project and I knew I wanted to include the name of the city where I spent so much time growing up.

Knowing and believing that the arts continue being under-represented in HP, despite the creativity we hold and the right we have to access the arts, I opened up the art space HP which is now a gallery and creative space for workshops and events.

We are also a programming agency and consulting group that offers non-profit consulting and work with music and visual arts projects in Mexico, with the goal of acting as a bridge between talent in Mexico and stages across the US.

photo provided by Art Space HP


Art Space exists as a space for the arts, for exchange of ideas and for artists and creatives to share their craft with our community.

In 5 years...

In 5 years, I hope Art Space will be a space that community members recognize and have been to at least once. I hope to be offering interesting events that really push the envelope in how we see the arts, including its role in the greater Los Angeles economy.

I also hope that we continue making real connections with folks who enter the space and start relationships with me, my goal is to support artists in the SELA region and the greater Los Angeles region by creating opportunities for the public to interact and understand the value of their work.

In 5 years, I hope Art Space HP established itself as a hub of creativity and community and contributes to placing artists within projects that value their work and have lasting positive effects.

~ Rosario Calatayud-Serna September 2022

We are so pleased to join family with Art / Space HP, as we share much of a similar vision of being a bridge to different creatives and creative communities!

We hope you join our new workshop series, Narrative Poetry Workshops with Jesenia Chavez. You will meet once a month for 6 Saturdays, with a culmination reading and publication of participants work.


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