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#DecemberPoetryChallenge #Day1 "My Wishing Flower Looks Like..."


My wishing flower looks like

a wilted rose, soft and brittle


All the dreams die

on paper, the earth

looks different. A moon

swoons above my head.

I wish on cop-raided bars,

battered store-fronts, and

exhaust from cars.

The flowers in the city

are not wild enough

for my dreams.

@pandorademise (c)2020



My wishing flower looks like:

A flower u cannot touch

A stalk so thick and twisted

U will get cut.

Leaves, yellow as ever on the highest tops,

Petals so soft.

An aroma so pungent

You crinkle ur nose,

Though others may walk on by,

I know my wishing flower is safe,

Safe from being plucked by those who do not see,

The real magical beauty

That calls out to me.

@bluestarz410 (c)2020



My wishing flower looks like

Purple reign rose



Sensual, sweet



The scent makes me seek

My wishing flower looks like

Timely unfolding of petals

From morning dew caresses

And is June's birth flower

Blooms brought into a bubble bath

Decorum from the spa

A floral ladder lovingly leads

to hearts,

Yours and mine

My wishing flower looks like

A bouquet of asters, tiger lilies, and sunflowers too

Fragrance in cellophane

The scent makes me weak

Fills my blue vase from your water

Romantic thoughts of us and

Duke Ellington's 1962 "Sentimental Mood"

My wishing flower is

Purple Reign Rose

Blankets the bed

The sunrises

I dream of your proposal to me

And to thee I wed

And my wishing flower flourishes

Michelle Smith (c)2020


My wishing flower looks like

Having another hour

Drinking coffee with my father

Eating eggs and bacon at his favorite diner

Getting back 10 years

That was taken from my family

As you sit across from me

What would I even say to you

That you don’t already know

My wishing flower looks like

Countless nights

Wrapping myself up around the heavy brown Mexican blanket

Crying myself to sleep

Calling for you... Papi

Just so I could see you in my dreams

You look just as I remember you

You grew back your mustache

I always liked it better that way.

Diana Tercero (c)2020


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