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Jasmines & Poetry Festival with Jazz

Written by Katherine Preza

Photos by Jessica M. Wilson, April 16, 2023

The 3rd annual Jasmines & Poetry Festival with Jazz, took place for the first time in person!

At the beautiful MKM Cultural Arts Center, some of LA’s poets and artists came together to celebrate. I participated musically with Juan Flautista, Mountains of MAM, and Nick Sanchez.

We brought good vibes through jazz music and brought poems to life with other poets by providing musical accompaniment from within our hearts. Sharing our deepest desires, insecurities, and accomplishments: we created a safe space.

Bassist Nick Sanchez

And for our stomaches too! The festival had the amazing Chef Lee who made gumbo. It was mouth watering, flavor-filled, and made me wish I wasn’t so weak at handling spice. (I still think of it today).

We wrapped the afternoon with a few moments to remember the lives of some of our close family and friends and snapped a picture together.

Viva Los Angeles Poets Society! And it’s many events to come.

Poet, Tyler Lenn Bradley


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